For special dessert orders such as pies, tarts, breakfast pastries, and cakes, please allow 48 hours notice. Each order is made fresh and requires time to plan for labor and ingredients. We do not have cakes/pastries frozen and ready to prepare at the spur of the moment. Call or stop by during business hours to  place your order. Please do not email to place an order as it may not be read in time.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer our breakfast sandwiches for catering orders due to the limited amount of sandwiches we can make at one time while continuing to serve our long line of customers at the counter. 

We are able to fill large lunch catering orders with 48 hours notice as well. We order our bread and prepare our ingredients fresh daily and do need notice to fill such orders. 

Wooden Spoon is a very small and busy kitchen. We do our absolute best to serve and fill orders, both in house and special orders. Thank you for your patience and understanding of our policies. 

Your business is always appreciated, it means the world to us and our staff!

-Jason & Jeanette.